Online Synchronous Teaching

When students participate over the internet in regularly scheduled class meetings, discussion and small group interactions needs to be structured so that they feel as included and engaged as they would if they were students in a classroom. In other words, teachers should follow the Slow Ed Tech guideline of “modeling computer use on best practices to ensure learning without computers.” Appropriate practices include:
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The form of Taking Yourself Seriously

The forms (Levine 2015) of Taking Yourself Seriously (TYS) are ones in which the students and participants bring themselves into to grow and develop so that they leave having more self, i.e., more tools in their toolbox, to bring into the forms of work and life outside TYS. The students/participants take up/in the tools by experiencing their use and practicing them in projects of research and engagement, including engagement with themselves, that is, taking themselves seriously.
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What relationship does it have to democracy to claim that the outcome of a referendum, such as Brexit, must be carried through come what may?

What relationship does it have to democracy to claim that the outcome of a referendum, such as Brexit, must be carried through come what may?
Consider this: in a representative democracy, elections decide who represents the people. These representatives contest elections, citing positions of policy on various issues, but by no means on every one that might arise in the course of government. Moreover, once the election is over, the Parliament or Congress decides the what and how of policies to enact, drawing on advice from people who have examined the details and evolving circumstances. Read more of this post


A synthesis of elements from a course or workshop, selected and organized so as to inspire as well as inform your efforts in extending the course/workshop topic further. An excerpt from an example, then some elaboration:
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Plan for Practice

A plan with two dimensions:
How you will put into practice in your work, community and other settings the tools, processes, and knowledge being learned
How and with whom you will practice putting these into practice. Given that things are surely not going to work out perfectly the very first time, include how you will take stock of how well your Plan is working so as to adjust and improve.
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Learning Road Trip

A series of visits to people whose work you want to learn more about or, by their responses to you presenting your own work, learn from. Although, in the academic world, budgets and schedules for hosting visitors are limited, people are often happy to carve out time and arrange an audience for a self-funding visitor, especially one who wants to learn more about their work. You do not have to be on their “A-list” to be welcome. Airbnb or economy motels and driving your own car can keep costs down. To reduce the strain of driving long distances, team up with someone with whom you can have a rolling in-car seminar on what you are learning and other shared interests. Read more of this post

Taking Yourself Seriously: New edition is taking shape

Taking Yourself Seriously: New edition is taking shape. New section and corresponding tools on:
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