Could digital platforms integrate non-digital space?

Or, on integrating face-to-face dynamics into the structure and expectations of online platforms.  Here, as a work-in-progress, an initial compilation of possible measures: Read more of this post

On a transgenerational experience

I’m near the end of 2 weeks tagging along with my colleague Gonzalo Bacigalupe in the transnational experience that he is providing his four doctoral students Alli, Kathyrn, Akansha, and Marta.  But for me – and for all of us I think – it is also a transgenerational experience. Read more of this post

Transnational experience for international visitors and their hosts

The central features of the proposal to follow are that there is a transnational experience for the hosts, the experiences do not have to be arranged by the organizer of the visit, and the experience gets brought back by the visitors to their situations at home. Read more of this post

On mentalities of arithmetic

It is a challenge for math teachers to understand the different ways students make sense (or not) of arithmetic. Read more of this post

Multiple intelligences – virtues and confusions

The idea that there are multiple intelligences, or many dimensions to intelligence, has virtues but also opens up confusions. Read more of this post

Compilation of links distributed to Thinktank on Science and Social Justice education

“…Bringing critical analysis of science to bear on the practice and applications of science has not been well developed or supported institutionally. Given this, I have contributed actively to the development of society-at-a-small-scale, through new collaborations, programs, and other activities, new directions for existing programs, and collegial interactions across disciplines and regions…” (from Intersecting Processes: complexity and change in environment, biomedicine and society) Read more of this post

Writing about being unsettled: Some reasons

Over the last month or so I have tried to make sense of why I might share the notes I have been making about being unsettled.  In this post I share some of my shifting thinking. Read more of this post


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