Comparing graduation in 6 years is a way to penalize colleges that serve students with lower average SES & SATs

A. Two colleges; one has retention rate 90% of the other. After 4 years, the graduation rate of the lower-retention college will be 66% of the other. 66% looks much worse than 90%.

B. Retention rate is easy to calculate, so use this to compare colleges and for any particular college to set a target. Read more of this post

PBL: project- or problem-based learning — an updated guided tour

PBL can be thought of in terms of the following elements, which are played out in relation to a number of tensions.(updates) Read more of this post

Vanzetti on gardens after 5+ years in prison & 10 months before execution


Communter (a grassroots alternative to Uber)

Communter (Community and Unter playing off Uber, but emphasizing support from underneath not above) is designed to facilitate non-commercial support within a community, beginning with help transporting the elderly to libraries, shops, medical appointments, and concerts, but extending in whatever ways the community members invent (e.g., designing a permaculture plot for a household, providing company in the form of sitting with the person, gardening together, etc.)

(This proposal arose as a “Design sketch” on Case 4 of Design for Living Complexities: What would it look like for a community to integrate the elderly into community life and enable their full participation? How would the transition to there from where we are now be organized?)
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A reflection template based on Parker Palmer’s “There is a season”

Use this reflection template whenever you are ready to pause and take stock before proceeding either: from one phase to another; on from an activity or event; into dialogue with others; or at a branch point when choosing an activity or path to pursue. Copy the template page or print it out, then for each of the items, note “plus-delta”—one thing you did well during the phase/activity/event and one thing that could be developed further next time.

Reference: Palmer, P. J. (2000). “There is a season,” p. 95-109 in Let Your Life Speak: Listening for the Voice of Vocation. San Francisco, Jossey-Bass.

Extending Play: “Stuck busters”

This design sketch builds on the 4P’s of the Lifelong Kindergarten (LLK) — Projects, Passion, Peers, Play (see  It is a response to the case for the 2nd topic, Play, of the July 2014 Design for Living Complexities course. Read more of this post

Design for Living Complexities: an open course has begun

This course explores critical thinking about design in a range of areas of life and its complexities. It started July 14 and continues for 3-4 weeks. The recorded presentations and subsequent discussion are taking place on google+. See for other options for participation and links to more details about the course. An overview of the course is below. Read more of this post


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