The global Paleyian university

For this case borrow the internet further so that offices, classrooms, or the university can be retrofitted. Not rebuilt from scratch, but respecting the infrastructure that is already in place.  (source)

Instead of a retrofit, this design sketch promotes inversion or turning inside out or perhaps gastrulation. (In the embryological process of gastrulation the initial ball of cells invaginates so that some of the outside is now inside and that new inside is in interaction with the outside, creating a new interactions.)  Unpacking that picture, we have three steps:  Read more of this post


Writing about being unsettled: Some reasons

Over the last month or so I have tried to make sense of why I might share the notes I have been making about being unsettled.  In this post I share some of my shifting thinking. Read more of this post

Bringing everything to the table: Where do we go from there?

This year I devoted the first session of both my graduate classes to everyone giving extended autobiographical introductions, for the reasons described in an earlier post. E.g., in the Critical Thinking course, we took 4 minutes to explain “How I came to be a person interested in learning more about critical thinking–how to do it myself and teach/foster it in others.” Each introduction was followed by “connections and extensions” feedback using this form, which asks students to give one point of intersection with the listener’s interests and one direction the listener could imagine the speaker’s work being extended. Read more of this post

Extending Play: “Stuck busters”

This design sketch builds on the 4P’s of the Lifelong Kindergarten (LLK) — Projects, Passion, Peers, Play (see  It is a response to the case for the 2nd topic, Play, of the Design for Living Complexities course. Read more of this post

What to think about curiosity killing the cat?

“Curiosity kills the cat.” That doesn’t imply don’t be curious. What it implies is curiosity has consequences. It takes you out of safe areas.

What are the guidelines we need for being curious? Read more of this post

Notes on The Girl with the Brown Crayon, by Vivian Paley

As expressed in a previous post, which arose from reading The Girl with the Brown Crayon (GWBC), each of us simultaneously [1] tries to impart order according to our sense of ourself as an individual… with knowledge, capabilities, plans, and direction.  And [2] this self-directedness can be buffeted or even threatened by the order-imparting efforts of other people navigating their distributed complexities.  Yet relationships with others are a source not only of [3] necessary support (material, emotional, etc.), but also of [4] unplanned conjunctions or intersections that we draw from.   Such connections can [5] help us to not continue along previous lines and, at the same time, to [6] clarify our sense of directedness as individuals.
I transcribe here the notes I made while reading GWBC, which serve to provide some substance to the numbered points above.  However, Read more of this post

“Story of chapters. Once a time chapter is one and the end is coming. Until the cock crows. To be continued ha ha!”

A diagram from a previous Collaborative Exploration (CE) on transformative education. I lack the software on this laptop to edit it right now, but I think it speaks to my sense of scaffolding of creative learning (part of the focus of the October 2013 CE). Read more of this post

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