Generating a mentoring relationship

Having volunteered to mentor undergraduate students in our Honors College, I now have to learn how to develop mentoring relationships that are helpful.  At this stage what is clear is:
• this is not about academic advising (course selection etc.) or non-academic advising (emotional, housing, etc.)
• I can’t expect the students to be following my career, which is very interdisciplinary, so my role is not to usher them into an arena where I have contacts, stories-with-lessons, and so on.
What then is a mentor supposed to provide? I suspect that the students won’t have a better-developed idea of what the mentoring relationship should be.
I’ll update this post as my experience unfolds. In the meantime, suggestions welcome about how to proceed.

P.S. I have gone to a 2-hour training session, but this did not help me.


1 thought on “Generating a mentoring relationship

  1. Elizabeth Lockett

    Never thought of my interns as going to go into my field as it is fairly different than the ones most of them have mapped out or are exploring. I try to show them how the tools of my trade might be applied to their own fields to provide fresh insight. Provide guidance how to start building their own working networks that will support them later.


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