Jostling among tensions in relating to audience

Do not expect to learn or change without moving among or being jostled by the interplay or tensions between these different considerations.

The quote refers to a “mandala” of six considerations in learning where you take initiative in relationships, such as those with your advisors and peers (; animation).  It applies equally well to the very first draft of considerations in relating to audience when you want to convey a position that runs against the mainstream, as depicted here:


Suggestions welcome to refine or develop this.

(Thanks to Constance C. and MaryLou H. for this morning’s writing support group discussion, out of which this new mandala emerged.)



Springy cube version:



About Peter J. Taylor
Peter Taylor teaches and directs programs on critical thinking, reflective practice, and science-in-society at the University of Massachusetts Boston. He studies the complexity of environmental and health sciences in their social context as well as innovation in teaching, group process, and interdisciplinary collaboration (see He is especially interested in conversations with others who are, in diverse ways, "troubled by heterogeneity" (

2 Responses to Jostling among tensions in relating to audience

  1. Teryl Cartwright says:

    Thank you VERY much for sharing–this will be great to try out and see what happens (I teach this week). I am so pleased Constance and Marylou inspired and helped you–they are great. Really like this new variations and some of the possibilities. How cool!!!

  2. Rhoda Maurer says:

    I concur; this feels like it reaches deeper levels of understanding than your first attempt. I see a context of facilitation and respect in this diagram between the audiences (both internal and external).

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