disConferencing, a five-and-a-third-hour model: Session 3

Break, 15 minutes

Refreshments & sign up for “Office Hours”

Coordinator for Session 3 explains that “Each ‘I want help thinking about’ topic group meets for 18 minutes, so that each of you participates in three topic groups, one after the other.  One of these is the group that you identified when you registered.

Now you have to write your name or handle on two small PostIts and stick them to a ‘one thing I want help thinking about’ topic in two of the three columns—NOT the column in which your own ‘one thing I want help thinking about’ topic is posted.  After you do this, record on your handout the number (and thus location) of your groups for each of the three columns.”

Organizers help participants understand and complete this task, then add their own PostIts to topics that have no other participant or only one.

Organizers move chairs to the numbered positions.

Time permitting, participants encouraged to peruse the PostIts from Session 1 (Blue for commonality and Red for tension).

Hour 2.55-4.00

Session 3, “Office Hours” (http://bit.ly/Oneonone)

Respect and Risk continue to be emphasized in asking everyone to take initiative in asking for help.  You can hope to gain insights—Revelations—from what you hear yourselves ask for and from how you respond to queries and suggestions from others.  At the same time, the other topic-group members can gain insights from hearing how they respond to the request for help.

Coordinator for Session 3 reminds everyone that “Each ‘I want help thinking about’ topic group meets for 18 minutes.  After participants have moved to the numbered locations, the originator of the topic explains what help they seek and the group takes it from there.  Feel free to move chairs from a position that has some to spare.”

Session 3 Coordinator gives 3-minute warning for a group to wind up.  At each switch from one column’s topics to the next, the Coordinator helps anyone who needs it to identify their next group and find their way to it.

(continued in next post)


About Peter J. Taylor
Peter Taylor teaches and directs programs on critical thinking, reflective practice, and science-in-society at the University of Massachusetts Boston. He studies the complexity of environmental and health sciences in their social context as well as innovation in teaching, group process, and interdisciplinary collaboration (see bit.ly/pjtaylor). He is especially interested in conversations with others who are, in diverse ways, "troubled by heterogeneity" (bit.ly/tbhblog)

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